At Helen Barrett Children’s Counselling and Play Therapy we are passionate about promoting the positive growth and healing of children, so that they have every chance of succeeding and maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing throughout their growing years and into adulthood.

We are a diverse team of clinical mental health professionals with specialist training in play therapy, art therapy and creative expressive approaches. We hold extensive experience and expertise in working with toddlers, preschool and school aged children presenting with a wide range of difficulties or issues that may also include anxiety, sleep disturbance, bullying behaviour or victim of bullying, attention seeking, social struggles, attention and impulsivity, disruptive behaviours in the classroom, negative self-esteem, anger and aggression or gender identity.

We provide a safe and nurturing play space for children to explore, work through and overcome troubling experiences and feelings that is facilitated by a trained and qualified child therapist.

Play Therapy Services

Helen Barrett Child Counselling and Play Therapy is a child and family counselling and psychotherapy clinic based in the inner north of Melbourne.

We specialise in promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of young children aged 2 – 12 years and building responsive and sensitive parenting in families. We support families with children to overcome a range of emotional, psychological and behavioural problems through a child centered and play based approach.

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Filial Therapy Services

Whilst we are dedicated in fostering strong mental health and wellbeing in children, we also are advocates of enabling and supporting parents or caregivers to be the drivers of change in their child’s life. We hold the belief that the parent – child relationship is so indicative of future relationships and success.

We support parents to learn skills to better understand and respond to their child’s inner struggles, help them feel felt and enjoy a rich, healthy relationship.

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