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About Helen

Helen Barrett is an accredited mental health social worker and a registered play therapist.

With 15 years experience working in the community, local and state government and private practice, she has spent the last six years in specialist training and working therapeutically with children and families. Helen is accredited with the Australian Association of Social Workers and Australian Play Therapists Association. Helen also works for the Inter-country Adoption Support program at Lifeworks Australia and provides play therapy counselling to adopted children under the age of ten.

Having researched and witnessed firsthand how incredibly powerful and successful CCPT is with children presenting with a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties, Helen undertook further clinical training in Filial Therapy – a family oriented play therapy approach. This type of intervention was able to better resource and empower families to directly bring about positive changes and mental health in their family life and parent-child relationships.

Her special interest and expertise are in the areas of play therapy counselling, child trauma, infant mental health and attachment.

Helen’s preferred therapeutic approach is child centered play therapy which represents a true synthesis of features of psychodynamic, neuroscience, humanistic, interpersonal, behavioural, developmental, cognitive and family systems theories. Much of Helen’s work is with parents/caregivers in promoting responsive and sensitive parenting that builds connection and strengthens positive attachment between parent and child.

Helen’s relational approach brings a level of integrity, knowledge and deep  humility to her work with children and families as well as warmth, respect and playfulness.

Helen’s Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Dip. Holistic Living Counselling
  • Adv Dip. Childrens Holistic Counselling

Australia Play Therapy Association member

  • Adv. Clinical Training in Play Therapy
  • Circle of Security Parenting Education Training

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

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