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About Helen Barrett Childrens Counselling & Play Therapy

Helen Barrett Childrens Counselling and Play Therapy was established in 2015 to provide holistic assessment and child lead therapeutic counselling through a play therapy approach to children aged 2 – 10 years.

Helen Barrett’s Childrens Counselling & Play Therapy’s preferred counselling modality with children is Child Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) because of its focus on developing the child as a person, rather than focusing soley on their problems that must be fixed. This approach has a particular emphasis on the development of the therapeutic relationship and the child’s innate drive and capacities to overcome the negative side effects of past experiences and move towards growth and development of their fullest potential.

In 2016, we moved into our new premises at Happy Hubbub in Preston and currently have expanded to operate two fully equipped child and family clinic playrooms.

Our referrals come from a broad range of sources including early childhood education sector, primary schools, family services, family mediation, child protection, maternal and child health, paediatricians and general practitioners and allied health professionals. We can attend observational visits to learning/school environments and professional meetings when deemed necessary.

Our Team

Helen BarrettPlay Therapy with Helen

Helen Barrett is an accredited mental health social worker, registered play therapist & owner of Helen Barrett Childrens Counselling & Play Therapy Clinic. Helen holds extensive experience in child development, trauma & attachment & holds a special interest working with toddlers & pre-schoolers.
Helen is accredited with the Australian Association of Social Workers and Australian Play Therapists Association.

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Mardi Thorpe Art Therapy with Helen

Mardi has over 10 years’ experience working with children & their families across non-for profit organisations, in private practice and in school settings. She uses her skills in both Play & Art therapy to form trusting therapeutic relationships with the children & families she works with.
Mardi specialises in providing therapeutic services to children & their families who have experienced complex & relational trauma.

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