Filial Family Therapy

Parents are the most important people and teachers to their own children. Filial Therapy is a well established evidence – based therapeutic method that combines non-directive play therapy and family therapy to strengthen relationships, create healthy attachments and prevent family disruption. It can be a more direct and faster way of addressing challenging child-parent dynamics and associated behavioural and emotional difficulties.

“Based on the principles of Child Centered Play Therapy. It changes children. It changes parents. It changes the whole family” Garry Landreth

We know play is the primary way children express themselves and work through issues. Parents are trained and supervised by a trained filial therapist in the principles of child centered play therapy. They are taught how to communicate and speak in ‘play’, the child’s language.  Parents will then use their basic play therapy skills with their own children at home as part of ’30 minute weekly special play time sessions’. This approach successfully addresses relationship and attachment difficulties. Also successful for a wide range of problematic behaviours such as non compliance, defiance and oppositional, anger and aggression, withdrawal, depression, shyness, fearfulness.

Filial Family Therapy is effective in helping children to:

  • Manage their feelings in appropriate ways
  • Manage impulses
  • Develop positive self esteem
  • Be good decision makers
  • Be self reliant and self motivate
  • Be self aware – ’emotional intelligence’
  • Feel safe and decrease anxiety
  • Develop open communication with you throughout childhood and adolescence

Parents/caregivers are trained in:

  • the principles of child-centered play therapy (reflective listening, therapeutic limit setting, choice giving, and how to allow the child to lead the session), and
  • the importance of empathy and acceptance through the use of play. – This is critically important to the development of responsive and sensitive parenting, improved parent-child interactions, and a positive attachment relationship.

We help parents/caregivers to understand their child’s world and experiences through play. This is where children reveal their underlying issues and motivations, process their pain and develop solutions and understanding of their feelings. Parents also learn that their undivided attention to their child is a key component to understanding their child and strengthening their relationship.

The emphasis of the family therapy training is to show parents how to be aware of, and sensitive to, children’s emotional needs. Along with how to respond to those needs therapeutically. The number of training sessions delivered is dependent on the parents and their child’s needs. These needs are determined during the assessment phase which incorporates an initial parent consultation and a parent child play observation.

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Medicare rebates may apply.

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