About Mardi

Mardi has over 10 years’ experience working with children and their families across non-for profit organisations, in private practice and in school settings.

She uses her skills in both Play and Art therapy to form trusting therapeutic relationships with the children and families she works with.

Mardi has specialised in providing therapeutic services to children and their families who have experienced complex and relational trauma. She has worked extensively within school settings and understands the difficulties and challenges that arise for children within the school environment. Mardi has a passion for providing practical and creative strategies to families who are supporting a child or young person with social, emotional, behavioural, or developmental difficulties.

Mardi’s approach to working with families is focused on providing children with a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings whilst supporting parents and carers to understand their child’s behaviours and to help them incorporate new ways of responding.

Mardi believes that children need to feel deeply accepted, heard and understood before they can open up and express their inner world. She believes that Art and Play Therapy are powerful modalities that use children’s inner strengths to find new ways to heal, communicate and connect.

Mardi is a qualified play therapist registered with the Australian Play Therapists Association (APTA). She also holds a Masters in Art Therapy and is registered with the Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association (ANZATA).

Mardi strongly values the voice of the children and in all of her work advocates for a world in which they are seen, heard and understood.

Mardi’s standard consultation fee is $140.00

Mardi’s Qualifications

  • Masters in Arts Therapy
  • Adv. Clinical Training in Play Therapy
  • Clinical Training in Developmental Psychiatry
  • Graduate Diploma Arts Therapy
  • Certificate of Education Support
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