​”Helen is a gifted therapist with a warm, gentle approach. From the very first parent & child counselling consult,  I knew my child and myself would be in good hands. My seven year old daughter came to Helen after experiencing difficulties at school that seemed completely out of character from the child I knew. My daughter’s self esteem was rapidly eroding and her teachers seemed at a loss as to what to do. Helen worked with my daughter to reclaim her confidence and trust in herself, as well as providing reassurance and support to me and giving strategies and valuable insight to her teachers. My self-assured, happy child has returned and I couldn’t be more grateful. Now my nine year old son is seeing Helen. After observing how she helped his sister return to the best version of herself, he asked me if he could “go to Helen”  too . He told me after his first session, “I went into Helen’s feeling hot and grumpy after a day at school and I left feeling calm and relaxed. She’s such a nice person, I can’t wait to go back!” ​I couldn’t recommend her more highly myself. “

Mother, Lauren

“My husband and I are separated. Even though we have a very amicable relationship our 5 year old son was struggling with our separation. We sought Helen’s assistance initially to find out if the emotions and behaviours we were seeing in him were “normal” for the situation. Helen reassured us that what we were seeing was normal and that he would most likely work through it himself. However, if we wished to help him with this process, play therapy and child counselling would be beneficial and would help him work through the process more quickly. Given our son would be starting school the following year we decided to accept Helen’s assistance.

Our son quickly developed a strong relationship with Helen and looked forward to “Miss Helen day” each week. Over the weeks we saw changes in our son’s emotional state which in turn effected his behaviour. Helen provided us with play therapy methods and tools to continue the work she did in her sessions at home. This was by way of words and phrases to use, how to use acceptance and then distraction and also articles that were relevant to our situation. Our son developed an acceptance of the situation (even though he still didn’t like it). He became able to identify or describe his emotions which enabled us to talk about how he felt, that is was okay to feel how he was feeling and then help him deal with the emotion in a healthy way.

I highly recommend Helen as a play therapist. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, which is important when things can be difficult to talk about. Helen is very knowledgeable and conducted all sessions (play therapy and parent sessions) in a professional manner. She provided very helpful and constructive feedback that was easy to understand and implement into our lives. We are very grateful to have found Helen and the assistance she provided our son (and us) in getting through a difficult period.”

Mother, Rachel 

” I can’t speak highly enough of Helen. I think she is an amazing play therapist and her play therapy methods, support and passion for what she does has fitted in so well with my family, and I think with a Steiner parenting philosphy. The gentle help and guidance she has given myself and my little Miss S has been so beneficial. I’ve expanded my understanding of her world as a 4yr old and gained new ways to work with and communicate with her. For Miss S I think it has been a supportive space that is just hers, to work through what she might be struggling with. “

Mother, Olivia

” Helen provided a clear strategy and explanation regarding the techniques that would be used during the play therapy & child counselling sessions. We were also provided with some useful play therapy methods to manage behavioural issues at home. Each month a parent only session was held where Helen would update both myself and my wife regarding our (7 yo old) daughter’s progress. Helen has also assisted at our local primary school in educating our daughter’s teachers as to the strategies involved in play therapy. Her comments have been well received at the school and has been important in ensuring a common approach is taken at both home and at school.”

Parents, Kate and Josh

” My wife and I have been very satisfied with the child counselling and the play therapy methods and support offered to both of our children (ages 9 and 6).

Our eldest son is currently in the early stages of play therapy whilst our youngest has just completed his sessions. We have noticed great improvement in the behaviour of our youngest son both at home and at school as a result of Helen’s therapy.”

Parents, James and Gabrielle

” We have felt extremely satisfied with the support shown not only to our 10 year old son but to our family during his sessions with Helen. He has felt safe and welcome with her and unlike other appointments he attends he has never once said he hasn’t wanted to go and see Helen- even in the school holidays!

When we first met with Helen we set a series of goals for our child counselling & therapy sessions. We regularly re-visit these goals to see the progress made and further steps needed to support our child to progress. Her commitment to working with both our child and us the parents allows for us to keep focussed on the positives while making choices that will help future achievements.

Helen has been an amazing support to myself and my son. She has gone above and beyond my expectations. Her ability to provide different perspectives on parenting without any judgements has helped me to take a new approach with my son which has been hugely beneficial for everyone. I would most certainly recommend her play therapy methods to anyone seeking support for their child. “

Parents, Melissa and Jane